• today is the day

-that I choose to move forward.
To stop doubting.
To love and live my fullest life.
I am tired of operating in a way that is untrue to myself and my heart.
When did I forget that life is on my side?
I am shown all it’s magic and so often I question its love for me. How can this be so?

Life manifests abundance, and I fear the day that it will be gone. That it won’t be enough.
When did this become my minds narrative? My heart is tired of protecting itself of the fears. It longs to be free.

My heart, the most powerful vessel. Pulsating, surging with life – my strongest truth. ⠀⠀
Today is the day that I choose to live in this space, to move from it. To dance with all of life. ⠀⠀
Dear heart, I love you. Thank you for your patience with me as I grow. ⠀⠀
Thank you for nurturing and cradling me. I am ready now to stand. To walk toward likeness and beyond.

Like a shark I move with ease, with grace, courage and confidence through this ocean of energy.
I will manifest all that I put my heart into.
Today I choose authenticity, exuberance.
To live audaciously.

Because I can.
And, with conscious choice and the spark of the divine – so can you.

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