Mukta Being is a Canadian owned & operated company committed to creating eco-friendly, consciously crafted goods to inspire a more healthy,expansive & liberated life. We design and manufacture innovative Premium Cork Yoga Mats, Blocks and Wellness products made for every body.

We work closely with a growing network of makers in Portugal, Asia, Central America & Canada to source and create our goods.

We are committed to:

Creativity & Craftsmanship
Our products are created with care and attention, we craft with love. We work collaboratively with highly skilled artists, artisans and makers– local and international – to breathe our designs to life.

Quality & Innovation
Designed and crafted to be healthy, safe, reliable and durable- our goods are also innovative and aesthetically beautiful. We combine inventive design with traditional artisanal methods to transform eco-friendly resources into essential tools for your yoga & wellness practices.

Environmental Respect & Social Responsibility
We believe in Conscious Consumption. Respect to Mother Earth and our fellow beings.

It is our shared home. It is our temporary home.
We do our best to be mindful of how we affect our beautifully complicated planet. 
With great respect to the Mother beneath our feet, we use renewable & biodegradable resources to craft our goods, we do not test on animals, we limit excess fuel use, and find ways to recycle any remains. 
When a mat finds a home, we plant a tree.

We take every body into account. All along the road that leads our goods to your home, we ensure humans are treated justly and compensated adequately. 
For every product that finds a home, we can support another member of our human family.

Community & Collaboration
Magic is made in collective collaboration. We thrive from it. We live to inspire creativity and creation within and between each other… because that’s when sparks fly, minds open and hearts burst.

Inner Expansion & Outreach
Humanity is rising. Through an exploration of our inner depths, we come to better understand ourselves and the world around us. We channel this power and knowledge outward to better serve our earth family. Like a cycle; deep inhale, energy in – big exhale, energy out. Full circle.