As greater environmental awareness and social responsibility make way into the Yoga industry, Cork-based products are emerging as the most natural, safe and sustainable choice.

Why do anything?
Because energy transforms energy and because all life is inherently interconnected. 
We are part of an ever-unfolding dance with all other life-forces. As humans, we have a unique gift at transforming energy to better suit our needs. Let’s re-asses our vision and use our power for greater, clearer purpose. How we move matters.

Humans & human industries have caused unimaginable trauma and atrocity. We want to change that, even in a little way.

We believe we can create and sustain nurturing environments for all beings, human and non-human. During our short visit on this planet, it is vital to create better ways to care for each other and the earth, if we, and coming generations, are to survive.

In our efforts to service people and planet we will support one environmental effort & one social cause with every mat that finds a home. Together, with patience and awareness we can.

What we do:
1 mat = 1 tree planted.
The impacts of deforestation are felt throughout entire eco-systems. To mitigate this loss and participate in replenishing our Earth, Mukta plants one tree in Canada for every mat that finds a home. We are currently working to develop a Youth Initiative to engage children in environmental preservation and protection. This way, we can all breathe a little deeper.

1 mat = 1 scholarship.
We believe that education empowers and informs, encouraging us to open and expand our minds. So as an offering to humanity’s future generations we created a Scholarship Program for students in rural Ethiopia; a village very close to our heart. With every purchase of a Mukta Mat we offer one student tuition for one year. Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn.